The V4© model applied at a personal level helps you answer these important questions, “Where are you going? How fast are you going? How much “stuff” is on your plate? Is your life adding value?


For many, this is a time to re-assess. As Socrates said “the unexamined life is not worth living.”

Whether you are a college student, homemaker, wage-earner, executive or entrepreneur, the importance of reexamining your path periodically is worthwhile.

Even if you find yourself generally on the right path, there may be some room to adjust or enhance your journey by adding a hobby.


For those in the workforce, it’s a good bet you are part of a growing population that feels unfulfilled in their current position. About a year ago, I started researching job satisfaction at both a professional and personal level. There is a considerable body of literature, studies and polls revealing how many people dislike their jobs.

One study conducted by a very reputable global consulting firm that indicates that as many as 80% of workers have very little or no passion for their job.

Another reputable poll indicated that only 13% of people felt “engaged” in their jobs.


Melanie Winderlich in her medically reviewed article “Want to Relieve Stress, Take up a Hobby” states that “choosing a hobby you feel successful at can boost your self-esteem and sense of well-being. Finding pleasure in this type of activity seems to offer a sense of control, and improving a skill set or ability also contributes to self-esteem.

So why not at least try to align your passions and talents with your need to make a living? Start off with relieving stress and maybe you will find a way to cash in on your passion!


Step #1: Find out what you love to do!

•        Maybe it’s time to take another look at Marsha Sinetar’s classic book entitled “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow: Discovering Your Right Livelihood”

Now I am not suggesting that you quit your job tomorrow morning and go fishing, but I am saying that you may want to look at exploring the magic of passion and just what that would mean for the quality of your life.

•        Take the Hobsessment™, a new, short interactive survey that helps you match your personality and interests with some potential hobbies. Then explore those hobbies to see what it takes to get started.

custom_corner_street_sign_14248Step #2: Become great at it!

•        It might take some time, but there are endless resources on the web that “Agent Google” can help you find.

•        Here is a one-stop site that will guide you with tons of top notch resources, associations and tools for each of over 200 hobbies. This funny YouTube video explains it!

Step #3: Find and fill a market niche!

•        There are many, many problems yet to be solved by mankind. In many regards, each time one problem is solved, another potential opportunity arises. There is always a better mousetrap!

•        Christine Clayfield’s recent book, “Niche Marketing Ideas & Niche Markets. 177 Free Ways to Find Hot New Profitable Niches” has over 177 ways to find, hot profitable niches – some will undoubtedly align with your strengths and talents. And, it’s quite possible the book will give you that magic #178 to make you the next Steve Jobs!


Being happy in your chosen vocation is absolutely critical and also attainable. By getting involved in something you want to do, you’ll find renewed energy and even meet some people who have your same interests.

The global economy is in constant evolution and you CAN learn to be in synch with the changes. One of my favorite radio programs is The Dave Ramsey Show. Dave is a master at advising on life, happiness and money. This book, “48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normal” is worth putting on your January reading list.

What will your legacy look like? What will you leave behind?hop_to_something_new_anim_150_clr_14367

So, go out there and have a great 2015! It is a new year, filled with new challenges, new directions and potentially a new you!

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