Promote Someone This Year

Promote Someone This Year

It is now the end of January and most of us have set New Year’s resolutions; and predictably many of us have already broken some or all of them.

As professionals, we all set lofty goals for ourselves, but consider a simple goal aimed at elevating or promoting others as well.Promotion2

While it may not be possible that you (or your organization) are in a position to “promote” someone in the professional sense of the word, it’s very possible that you can do so in another creative way. If you come up empty on someone else, there may even be a way to promote yourself creatively (beyond your work!)

Learn about People Beyond Work

As we network, collaborate and work with other professionals, we get to know them better. Frequently we learn that they have some unique talent outside of work. Many times we discover they embraced a hobby and have become quite good at it. What’s more interesting is that they will usually have a personal story about why they started it.


People have different motivations for pursuing a pastime or hobby. Sometimes it is just to decompress and re-cage their mind. Sometimes it is in the pursuit of excellence; I am constantly amazed at the people I meet that have become experts with a hobby. Others have aimed toward creating a second source of income.


Promotion: A Form of Recognition

Whatever the case, you might be in a position to promote them or network them with others. Think of this type of promotion as an extension of recognition.  Recognition does wonders for morale, and the great thing is that it does not cost much, except for insight, forethought and planning.


It’s a way to show that you, as a leader know your people and value them beyond their work life; that you know a bit more about them than their typical 9-5 performance.  Remember that personal recognition preferences range from private, to team, to department or public. You can weave in the associate’s unique talent in company newsletters, employee of the month programs, or employee showcases.

Start with You!

And, don’t forget about yourself! You can spice up your LinkedIn account to highlight something outside your work talents. Put it upfront in your profile to make it unique – people will remember that about you.

Promotion4So, if you don’t have someone to promote right now, promote yourself. Consider using a web venue like and get them (or you) highlighted there. Hobsess is where Hobbies meet Obsession and it’s a no cost way to get “promoted.”

The bottom line: recognize that we are much, much more than our work. We have much more creativity once we get out of our normal box!

Promote someone this year, but first, consider promoting yourself.

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