Responsibility or Accountability: Just What Difference Does it Make!?

RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABILITY (comments welcome!) Are the two words synonymous? Is there really a difference? As a leader, how can you put them into perspective to ensure what you plan to get accomplished really gets done? The outcome of any team is dependent upon many variables. Consider a seven member … Continue Reading

Brief Musings on Socrates, Job Satisfaction, Stress and Hobbies

WHERE ARE YOU GOING? The V4© model applied at a personal level helps you answer these important questions, “Where are you going? How fast are you going? How much “stuff” is on your plate? Is your life adding value? SOCRATES For many, this is a time to re-assess. As Socrates … Continue Reading

Problem Solving: A Building Block for Teaching and Learning

Problem Solving Style: Relating to Your Students One of the building blocks to a successful learning experience at CAMP ABC© is an understanding of how your students learn and solve problems. More basic to that knowledge is insight into how your “wired-in” style of creativity affects how you relate to your … Continue Reading

To all of my pilot friends, wherever you are…

This piece, whose author is unknown recently appeared on the back page of the February 2014 issue of the Order of Daedalians magazine. Pass it on to your pilot friends in the spirit of brotherhood! “MILITARY AVIATOR TRIBUTE OR… IN VICTORY YOU DESERVE CHAMPAGNE, IN DEFEAT YOU NEED IT!” (Author Unknown) … Continue Reading

Protecting Sensitive Information

Ever since the Edward Snowden case, the U.S. Government has been in a damage control mode.  What network (or pipes) did he use to extract the information?  What methods did he use to defeat the countermeasures, rules and protective procedures (protocols)?  And what pieces of information leaked? Along with his … Continue Reading

Damn, I landed at the wrong airport!

In November 2013, a modified Boeing 747 Dreamlifter landed at the wrong airport in Kansas. The two-person crew touched down 8 miles north of its intended destination on a shorter runway than planned. While embarrassing for the crew, intriguing to the public, it is conceivable for those who have been there (or … Continue Reading