Strategic Navigation

It’s as simple as getting from Point A to Point B, or is it?

If one desires to go from New York to Los Angeles, there must be some reason, or “value” for the trip, even if the reason is merely to enjoy the journey. Go alone to just sightsee and the trip planning can be simple. Go with a van full of adults and children for a vacation and… well you get the point!  From a small business with one or two employees, to a non-profit with volunteers, to a large corporation, going from Point A to Point B certainly varies from simple to complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The four elements of the V4© strategic navigation model are:

1. Vision: What is the ultimate nirvana dream state?  A properly crafted and shared vision statement is much bigger than a mission statement. A vision inspires, motivates and molds strategic decisions!

2. Vector: What is the general direction to initially steer toward the vision? How do you know when a “course correction” is needed, and the size of a course correction?

3. Velocity: What is the optimum speed to achieve the vision? The speed of light is not always achievable or advisable. Go too fast and people can’t keep up, go too slow and people get bored.

4. Volume: What is the capacity of the organization? How much change can you and the organization handle? It is important to understand capability, how to maximize it and ensure there is an operating margin.

The key to integrating V4© is leadership; leadership at the personal, team and organizational levels.