All training aims to change or reinforce peoples’ attitudes, behaviors or thoughts in one way or another!

Training is at the heart of successful change, whether it is from a deep personal level to a large-scale organizational strategic level. It can be as simple as reading a self-help book and implementing new daily foundational steps; or as complex as re-training a global sales force to focus on a new strategy. In each of the extreme cases, the goal of training is to change feelings, actions or thinking; or some combination of the three.

Recall your own training experiences as a student, trainer or course developer. Our CAMP© model focuses on four fundamentals to help us build, absorb or evaluate training. Those four fundamentals are:

1. Content: The core of any training is the content or message. What is the source for the material, knowledge and concepts? How valid are the ideas? Where are the boundaries and what are the expectations?

2. Attitude: The Buddhist proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” aims at the student’s attitude. The same is true for the teacher. Both need to be prepared to communicate. Emotions, feelings and open minds are important for both the trainer and the trainee.

3. Mechanics: Are you using a white board, flip chart, internet connection, or soap box?  The trainer needs to be a Zen master of that whatever medium is used to most effectively communicate the intended message.

4. Presentation: Can the trainer capture and keep the student’s attention? There are fundamental elements, and there are some magical elements. If the fundamentals are not present, wizardry alone cannot save the day!

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